A Weekend During the Holiday Season (Kids Edition)

November 9, 2018


1. No school? Time to wake up Daddy and Mommy at the crack of dawn, even though we usually can't wake up before noon! YAYYYYY~


2. Getting hungry means CEREAL TIME! Lots and lots of chocolate cereal. Lots of it. Nomnomnom.


3. I'm bored. I need to go to Magical Playground. DADDDDYYYYYYY, play with me at Magical Playground! Tommy's parents are taking him this weekend. I want to go play too! Their open play times this weekend are:

Saturday, November 10th 10AM-6PM
Sunday, November 11th 10AM-6PM


4. Wow, I'm pooped. Sally and I played in the bouncy house all morning! Time for a nap. Or two. zzZZZZZzzzZZZZzZ By the way, I don't snore. That's Daddy.


5. I want TURKEYYYYYY! Why can't I have TURKEY? It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving for turkey! I must throw a tantrum until they give me my TURKEY!


6. Just kidding, Daddy made my favouritest food in the whole wide world, and then Mommy gave me blueberries. I'm happy.


7. Ooh, there is a holiday special of all my cartoons. MarathonmarathonmarathonmarathonMARATHONNNNN!  No, Mommy, you can't watch that weird Ross dude who likes bones try to kiss Rachel. Ewwwww! MY TV! MINEEEE!


8. I'm not getting sleepy. NOOO. I refuse to go to sleeeeeeppppp.... 

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