Sleepy Summer Nights

July 19, 2018

Here in Southern California, twilight doesn't even begin until around 9PM, so it's easy to understand why kids get so restless during this time of year. The heat wave has left us, but that sadly doesn't make it that much cooler out here. While the heat causes drowsiness, the heat can also keep us from sleeping well and through the night. Here are 3 tips we have for you to make sure your kids can sleep through the night (so you can, too)!


1. Get the right bed

What better way to solve this than by making sure you have a bed that is well suited for your child? Stop by Christina's blog, to read up on some amazing tips on how to find the perfect crib/mattress for your child. There are many types of beds and mattress materials, so go head on over to her blog to learn more about how to ensure your child is resting on the best bed for him/her! We know we sound like a cheesy ad, but as we were reading some of her blog posts, we learned a lot. Please remember to give her a like on Facebook or follow her Instagram (@kikicribmattress) if you enjoy her content!


2. Limit the technology
Technology has helped our society take leaps and bounds, and while it is great in fostering imagination and a world of limitless possibilities for kids, it can also overstimulate their minds! An hour before bedtime, try to limit the use of tablets, computers, cell phones, and TVs, so that they can start winding down.


3. Tire them out
Kids who are physically tired will sleep until they're well rested. Have your kids run around in the backyard, in a park! Even though the heatwave has gone, it's still pretty hot out here, so if you're local, head down to Magical Playground to escape the heat! We've got plenty of toys for a variety of age groups, and the ever-popular bouncer is always there to make sure your kids will be ready to bounce right into bed! 

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**This post is not sponsored, and are not receiving compensation for making this post. Christine reached out to us on Instagram, and we loved her blog! Please remember to follow her IG for some seriously cute photos and visit her blog for in-depth mattress information! 

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