PSA: July 4th Safety!

July 2, 2018

Dear beloved parents and guardians,


Happy week of July 4th! July 4th is a day of lots of fun, smelling barbecue, and looking at pretty fireworks. For us with kids, any activity comes with a million different safety rules to ensure that our kids are away from danger. We at Magical Playground have compiled a list of safety precautions for partaking in the festivities of Independence Day!


1.  Keep the kids away from fireworks

One of the best ways to prevent kids from getting hurt from fireworks is to keep them away! Our favourite way? Tire them out so that they can be tiny sleeping angels by the time we adults revert to our 20's and play with fireworks. We suggest bringing them to Magical Playground for a play date! (Okay, we admit, this is a pretty shameless plug-in)


**Please check to make sure whether fireworks are legal in your local area! There are many communities that ban fireworks, or certain fireworks. It is important to comply with these laws, not just to ensure the safety of your children, but of yourself and your neighbors! 

2. Use firework alternatives 

One way to let children join in on the festivities without exposing them to the danger of fireworks is by using alternatives to fireworks. We suggest glow sticks/bracelets, as they light up the night, and are safe! Make sure your children are old enough to understand that these glow-accessories are not to be chewed on!


3. Be aware of crowds

For the families who will be watching a fireworks show, please do not try to squeeze into a very crowded space for a better viewing. In the chaos, it will be easier to lose your child(ren), and the large crowd can actually scare them and make them feel anxious. Especially for the children who will be experiencing fireworks for the first time, the noise of the fireworks going off might already be a large stress. Be sensitive to how your child(ren) is feeling to avoid problems! 


4. Use earmuffs/earplugs

Going off of the previous tip, consider bringing earmuffs and earplugs to help cancel out the loud noises. Children's ears are much more sensitive than ours, and fireworks are actually very loud. We may be desensitized to the sound after so many years of celebration, but children are not! The earmuffs or plugs can help save their hearing!


5. Sunblock

For the families who are going to celebrate July 4th at the beach or by the grill, sunblock is very important! I'm sure most of us have heard about the dangers of sun exposure causing skin cancer, but the most immediate consequence is sunburn. Little ones are especially susceptible to sunburn, and sunburn is no fun. Make sure you slather on the sunburn for them, and reapply periodically! For babies less than 6 months old, it is not recommended that you apply sunblock on them, however do try to keep them away from the sun! 


6. Bring a first aid kit

Accidents happen, regardless of how we try to prevent it, so be prepared! Please also note that first aid kits are for little boo-boos that do not require immediate attention. Do not try to treat burns and serious injuries without a medical professional!


With these tips, Magical Playground hopes your July 4th can be magical and safe! We hope to see you soon!


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