Open Play – Pasadena

Open Play at “Magical Playground” – the Premier Children’s Indoor Playground in beautiful Pasadena, California!

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1778 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

*Please remember not to park in AAMCO’s parking lot, Thanks!

(626) 683-8989

   Monday – Thursday: 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Friday: 9:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sat. & Sun.: Closed for Private Parties – please check open hours on Facebook!


Magical Playground is the premier children’s indoor playground in Pasadena, California tailored to provide parents and caregivers with children from newborn and up with a low stress, fun and safe indoor environment.



Eating Area:

Since young children seem to want to eat all the time, there is a separate eating area from the play area. High chairs are available for use in the eating area only. Vending machines are also available that hold healthy meal and snack alternatives for caregivers and babies alike. Because every babies diet is different, outside food is welcome. Please no food or drink of any kind in the play area.



Toys:Rock climbing pas

The play area is equipped with a multitude of toys for boys and girls to enhance their imagination, an inflatable bounce house with a slide to burn energy, and a castle play system with a slide and separate toddler pay area for younger children.



Cleanliness is of utmost importance at our children’s indoor playground. Shoes are prohibited in the play area to prevent excessive wear and tear on the playground equipment and in general keep them cleaner. Socks are required for adults and children at all times. The entire indoor playground is cleaned throughout the day and the smaller toys are wiped down multiple times throughout the day.



There are many advantages to going to an indoor playground. It is climate controlled, fully enclosed, less clean up in your house, and lots of fun for your child. The sun’s rays can be dangerous for your baby’s sensitive skin and the rain can put a damper in your child’s day. Sand from the sandbox is every mom’s nemesis and is not present anywhere on the premises.


For the young and adventurous, it is easier to keep a watchful eye on them in an enclosed area, while having a meaningful chat with other caregivers without the worry of them getting too far from you.Need to wind down, but your child is wound up. Schedule a play date after work with other moms and have a chat while your children are burning some of their energy in our little tikes playground.


Free Wi-Fi:Pas play

Do you do work on your computer? Bring in your laptop and take advantage of our free Internet
access through our WI-Fi capability.







*Magical Playground is not a daycare and does not claim to be a daycare. Our staff is not trained in childcare. Parents/caregivers are responsible for supervising their children while they are on the premises at all times. Parents/caregivers sleeping on the premises is prohibited.





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FREE admisison for parents and caregivers

Admission per day:
– Kids 2 & up: $10
– Add’l Siblings: $8
– Kids under 2: $8


5-visit discount pack
– Kids 2 & up: $39
– Add’l Siblings: $30
– Kids under 2: $30

Monthly Pass: $75






– Clean socks are required for everyone entering the facility.

– The use of our center is at your own risk.

– Food and drinks must stay in the eating area.

– NO shoes on the carpet.

– NO sick children please.

– NO glass containers.

– NO rough play allowed.

– NO birthday parties during open play hours without reservation.